The underside of my car

I peered around under my car. Running over the deer left tufts of fur and strands of bloody flesh stuck to any exposed screw or piece. The only actual damage appears to be a dent in the gas tank.

Jake was there when I was finishing up looking, and he didn’t think there would be anything the dealer could do, other than replace the tank. Seeing as it’s not too big a dent, and there are no actual leaks, I think I’ll just live with it as it is.

Hopefully next time it rains, driving through a puddle or two will wash away the bits of deer.

I also decided to clean some bird crap off my hood. I was trying a couple different cleaners to do it, but they kept leaving the hood with streaks. Then I remembered “This Old Pinball”, a pinball restoration video done by a couple guys showing different techniques. I remembered one of them espousing the virtues of spit as a cleaning agent. So I spit on my hood and sure enough, it worked well to clean the spot. I guess they call it “spit and polish” for a reason.

One thought on “The underside of my car”

  1. You might wanna check and make sure you aren’t leaking gas…glad it seems to be minimal damage…

    Damn, I’ll have to use that spitting technique the next time I’m cleaning someone’s ass (which I do WAYYYY too much now…)

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