I am not a paper cup

I had been using a travel mug at work, so when I went down to the caf for a coffee or hot chocolate, I wouldn’t have to waste styrofoam cups.

However, the issue I had was that the travel mugs used moving parts in the plastic lid, which were extremely hard to clean. Gunk would get under the moving parts and add a spoiled milk taste to every sip.

So I got “I am not a paper cup” – a porcelain mug with a silicone lid cleverly designed to look like a paper cup.

I just tried it out, here are my initial thoughts.

I liked:

The design – it’s a pleasing plain white look that feels classic, artistic, and futuristic all at once.

The engineering – the silicone lid snaps on nicely and doesn’t leak. The lid goes above the top of the mug, not down into it like other mug lids, so I can fill the cup to the brim and put on the lid without spilling anything. The mug is double-walled, so holding it is warm but not hot – very comfortable.

I didn’t like:

The capacity – although it looks sizable, the double-wall design means the interior is actually not that big. Filled to the top it holds 12oz. Which isn’t terrible, but 16 would be better. Also, I have a feeling I’ll have to explain the inner/outer size disparity at some point when checking out at the register, since I am holding what appears to be a medium-sized cup, but telling them it’s a small coffee.

The taste – the lid has a slight rubbery tasteto it, as if I am suckling coffee from a baby bottle. It’s not horrible, but it does detract from the experience.

So overall, somewhat mixed. I’ll have to use it awhile and see how it goes.