Went out and voted this morning. The polling place was a mile from my house, so I walked over, it was nice out and a refreshing walk.

Voting was busy, but quick. The slowest part was the old ladies checking people in and out, trying to find names on the register.

I was surprised to see so many choices on the ballot, with the two-party system, you kinds forget there are still other people running. It threw me at first, I didn’t recognize the first couple choices and thought they might be leading with a local office. But I found Obama at the bottom of the list. There were a lot of local offices where people were running unopposed. Wonder what would happen if there was someone running unopposed, but no one voted on that office – would they win by default?

Anyway, get out there and vote today! I don’t want to wake up tomorrow to the nightmarish words “vice-president Palin”!

Go, Obama!

I’ll probaby curl up on the couch tonight and watch the results roll in. The suspense!

I’ve got my fingers crossed.