LiveJournal iPhone app!

About time!

Using the web interface was cumbersome, using the email posting method was OK but limited in functionality… but now there’s an app for it. Yay!

One thing that seems to be missing from this app is the ability to set the “mood” value. I had to set that through the web interface. =(

Also didn’t test the “Music” field, to see if it auto-populates with the song you are listening to… I think iPhone keeps that info hidden from non-Apple apps, so not sure it could do that, so that might be another missing field…

And landscape support would be cool, to allow a bigger keyboard…

WIth those few changes, though, they’ve got a clean little app for posting!

(Also note: the “location” is my GPS coordinates when I posted! kewl.)

— update —

On his LJ page, the guy who wrote the app says the next version will add “Mood” and “Music” fields, though he’s also not sure if it’s possible to get the current song from the iPod app.