RMV victory

I went to the RMV yesterday, but their computers were down, so I had to leave empty-handed.

Today, however, the computers were working, so I got my new license ordered (should arrive in a week) as well as my registration updated and renewed, and got re-registered to vote (go, Obama!).

Here’s a comparison of my old and new license picture (well, the B&W temp version).
My new photo is 80% less serial-killer-y.

I forgot to check if the woman noticed I checked “organ donor” when she set up the new card.

2 thoughts on “RMV victory”

  1. You know for the longest of time I’ve been trying to rectify the image of Tev I remember from college with the Tev I see in your recent photos and seeing this juxtaposition of pictures is like seeing the missing link! Fascinating! Thanks for posting this!

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