Sigh… I’m feeling kind of depressed… I’ve been eating a super low-fat diet to avoid any gall bladder issues, and my brother was teasing me about it all day. And I’ve had to limit everything I do – no going to many restaurants, and when I do go to one, there’s almost nothing on the menu I can order.

Plus my brother’s been making fun of my diet in general – he’s a gourmand, and views any sort of lower-calorie or lower-fat substitution as the height of stupidity. Every time I mention something I like, he goes on a rant about how inferior it is to “real food”… He wouldn’t allow fat-free milk in his house, even though I was paying for it – he only begrugingly allowed me to get 2% milk.

I’m just feeling down, and like I’m being kicked while I’m down.

If I get my gall bladder out, it’ll be just my luck to be one of the 20% of people who can never eat normally again, and the last couple weeks have just been a preview of what the rest of my life willbe like.

I was feeling optimistic, now I just feel doomed again.

5 thoughts on “down”

  1. This *is* the same brother that does things like bounce eggs off walls to see if they’re hard boiled or not?


  2. Tell Moses to be supportive. I suspect he may be doing it in part because he feels bad about being overweight and you are so trim. At any rate, you only see him once every year or two. He can treat you kindly. He may not know how it’s making you feel if you don’t tell him.

    Love J.

  3. my mother “cant eat normaly again” but she does a damn good job eating good food. Crab cakes, other fish things, pastas, light alfredo sauces, salsa on all sorts of things….it’s not that bad. She can eat everything I cook for her.
    Tell your brother that it bothers you. He’s your Brosef. He should understand.

    1. Well, I feel like an ass.
      It wasn’t my intention to tease, and I didn’t know it bothered Tev so much. I don’t view his attempts to eat healthy as the height of stupidity, he has a lot more discipline than I do and I actually respect that quite a bit. It’s true that I look at a lot of fat free or low fat versions of things with some skepticism, but I understand the need for them especially if the restriction is for medical reasons.

      1. Not your fault if he didn’t tell you how he was feeling. Under normal circumstances it probably wouldn’t have bothered him, but this gall bladder business is getting him down. Hope you two are enjoying your time together otherwise. Wish I were there!

        love J.

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