First place!

Moses and I entered a Zombies!!! tournament – I won first place, Moses won third.

First place – $125 in PAX merchendise. Sweet!


3 thoughts on “First place!”

  1. Homer: One adult and four children.
    Woman: Would you like to buy some Itchy and Scratchy Money?
    Homer: What’s that?
    Woman: Well it’s money that’s made just for the park. It works just
    like regular money, but it’s, er…”fun”.
    Bart: Do it, Dad.
    Homer: Well, OK, if it’s fun…let’s see, uh…I’ll take $1100 worth.
    [he walks in, sees all the signs: “No I&S Money”, “We Don’t Take
    Itchy and Scratchy Money”, etc.]

    …not completely applicable but still funny.

    1. Heehee, actually applicable, on closer examination, the cards say “tickets”, not “dollars”… I have to go to prize redemption and see how many pennies that translates to – a la microsoft points…

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