Stinky Garbage

Last Monday Adam threw out some turkey burgers.

By Thursday, the kitchen reeked of rotting meat, so he took the trash down to the garage.

So now the garage reeks of rotting meat, and the smell has pervaded our cars, and seeped into the basement, so it also reeks. The smell has slowly climbed the stairs and is now oozing out the basement door.

Trash day isn’t till Tuesday, so we’ll have two more days of stink, plus however long it takes for the smell to fade.

Damn Adam and his rotting meats!

4 thoughts on “Stinky Garbage”

  1. mmm-mmm-mmm! Isn’t that rotten meat smell something! I’ve got my own problem with it here. The generator crapped out a week ago. I took all my perishables out of the freezer and refrigerator and took them to Dan’s. Finally got the generator fixed today so I thought I’d clean the frig before reloading it. Eeuw! I had left the ice packs in the freezer and there was a little package of ground beef hidden behind one of them. So now I’m struggling with ways to get rid of the odor. I’ve tried baking soda, a fan, stuff you use for kitty odors. Next I’m going to try to cover it up with deoderant spray type stuff. I can symapthize!!

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