Fun with Robots

There’s this t-shirt design someone made, featuring the silhouettes of 51 famous robots.

I was able to name most of them, how many can you name?
No cheating and using the internets! Just your brain and memory.

Once you’ve named all you can, click here to see my list of ones I could identify.

6 thoughts on “Fun with Robots”

  1. the robot from Forbidden Planet is named Robby…not sure about Lost in Space…I got 8, and was totally searching for R2D2 and didn’t see him! What the heck…

    1. Ah, right! I knew he looked familiar.
      And I think I just recognized the other maddeningly familiar one just to his left – is that the turntable robot from PeeWee’s Playhouse? I don’t remember the name, but I think that’s where it’s from…

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