Not to Scale

I went to the doctor today. He said I had damaged a ligament, not a disc. Which is good news, but will still take a while to heal. Hopefully it doesn’t snow for a while.

Part of getting my vitals taken was being weighed. I discovered my scale is not only inconsistent, it is also inaccurate.

My scale gives a range of readings, depending on where I stand on the scale.
Front of scale: 143.0. Middle of scale: 145.6. Back of scale: 146.4.

The doctor’s scale, which I’m guessing is more accurate, came out thusly: 137.

Definitely time for a new scale, methinks.

The ONE thing a scale is supposed to be good at is determining your weight…

One thought on “Not to Scale”

  1. So, what did the doc say you should do about this injury….besides not shoveling snow? Lucky for you, the doctor’s scale read in your favor.

    I went to the doc today to as I was afraid my hematoma was getting infected as I thought it looked more red and was sore to the touch. He couldn’t say if it was or wasn’t and gave me some antibiotics which may or may not work. Very definitive. His scale always reads more than mine, but then I have my clothes on at the doc’s. Also, we have a medical type scale in the bathroom at work, so I usually have an idea of what I’m going to see. I’m holding steady, but not losing. Then again, I’m not exercising.

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