He One Spinal Cracker

My back’s been bothering me – not severely, but intermittently – ever since one of the many rounds of shoveling this winter.

This morning I decided to try stretching, to see if I could get my back to snap back into place or something.

I made it worse. =(

Now it hurts a lot more… my theory is that it’s a slipped disc, since prodding my spine, I can feel a very tender spot between two of my vertebrae. However, it could also be a micro-fracture, or muscle-related.

I think I’ll try and schedule an appointment with my doctor, to get a spinal x-ray to figure out what’s going on.
Then I can figure out if I need a chiropractor, a lot of massage, or a back brace. =P

One thought on “He One Spinal Cracker”

  1. I had a similar problem this winter. That snow is heavy! I think it may start with a pulled muscle and get exacerbated by things like poor posture (I have a tendency to lean slightly to the left when at the computer.) and overuse. Hot baths are helpful and I lay on the couch with a heating pad under me. That helped a lot as well. Certainly a doctor’s visit couldn’t hurt.

    Love Judy

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