On cats and Eyedroppers

I’m taking Trouble to the vet tomorrow to get her teeth cleaned.

Leading up to that, I’m supposed to give her an eyedropper full of antibiotics twice a day for three days.

The first time, I got most of it in her mouth by catching her by surprise.
The second time, I caught her waking up, and got it in her mouth before she was fully awake.

The third time, she was wise to what I was up to. I wrestled her so she couldn’t move, but she *would not* open her mouth. It was like a scene from the exorcist, me over her with the eyedropper, saying “the power of antibiotics compels you!” while she spun her head around wildly.
I only managed to get half of it into her mouth, and called it enough of a win.

The fourth time, I figured “why not try it in her food?”
I was afraid she wouldn’t eat it, but mixed it in with a little moist catfood, and nom nom nom, she ate it all.

Easy. I’m supposed to take away her food tonight, I’ll give her the last dose in a small amount of moist catfood, and then take away her food and water.

Then I bring her in to the vet at 8am tomorrow, and pick her up later in the day.

One thought on “On cats and Eyedroppers”

  1. wow, she’s a good kitty. my cat will not eat food that has been tainted with medicine. refuses absolutely. sigh.

    can’t wait to smell her breath once she’s had her teethies scrubbed! maybe it won’t barrel me over anymore…:)

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