the long and winding stair

I haven’t done stairs in a while, thought I’d start up again today.


Forgot what a workout it is. Thought I’d start out “easy” and only do 5 reps (I used to do 10). By the 3rd rep I was starting to breathe hard, but the 4th I was sweating, by the end of 5 my legs were burning and a little shaky.

1 stairs rep is starting at the 6th floor, walking down to the 1st, then back up to the 6th.

Have to work my way back up to 10 reps, I’ve gotten out of shape (though I haven’t gained any weight, at least – I’m still about 145).

My goal is to get in better shape, build a little muscle, and maybe lose 5 more pounds, get down to 140.
Ideally I’d like to have at least a modicum of muscle… I’m not looking to look like a cage match dude or anything, just maybe be able to lift a bucket of kitty litter without struggling…

2 thoughts on “the long and winding stair”

  1. When I went to the gym on Monday, I felt very tired after the half hour on the elliptical. I didn’t do the usual weight lifting after, I just did some stretches and some ab stuff and left. I think I’ll work my way up to an hour three times a week, but I definitely felt exhausted after just 28 minutes or so!

  2. Good for you! I haven’t done any exercising at all lately, but I did lose 4 pounds worrying over Dan’s surgery. Those look like good goals you’ve set. I wish I had some stairs at work. It’s hard to think about walking outside when it’s 20 degrees out at best. Got to get up early and go to the gym. Blah!


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