Critically Ill

My phone is dying.

The battery life was sucky, I tried getting a new battery, it seemed to help a little.
After a while, though, it seemed just as sucky again.

Now it has a habit of shutting off randomly, despite saying it still has charge.

On the way to work today, I plugged it into my car charger, but it looks like the charge didn’t take.

So I’m in the market for a new phone.

I’d like to get a pay-as-you-go one, since the cheapest contract plans are $40/month… that’s a lot for the 15 minutes a month I usually use the phone. Currently I have T-Mobile, which is so-so…

There are unlocked phones on eBay, if I get one that uses SIM cards, I can just pop my card in the new phone and keep using the same pay-as-you-go plan as before.

My requirements for a phone:
– excellent battery life
– small form factor
– bluetooth
– a decent camera would be a plus

Anyone have any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Critically Ill”

  1. All about nokia here. Models and the folks I know who are belong to them…

    – 6263 flip ($150) Mom
    – 6555 flip ($200) Chris
    – n75 flip ($250) Christine
    – n80 slider ($300) Me

    All w/ usable to damned-decent cameras & BT but battery life do worsen as ya go up the ladder. Go figure.


  2. I really like Sony, but I’m shallow like that.

    Check out the unlocked K750i I was drooling over, before I decided I would replace my technolust of the wee 10″ Sony laptop with a Palm Centro:

    The coolest thing is that batteries are kinda cheap, and there are plent of add ons. Check out this extra super James Bond lens:

    How can you beat that for $11.00

  3. Let me know what you come up with. UI’d like to get another phone, but don’t want to sign up again with Unicel as I can’t get any damn connections around here. Plus I’m paying about $35 a month for something I rarely use.

    Love Judy

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