…and now I’m poor.

I just ordered a shiny new Mac Pro. Since I did a custom configuration, I won’t get it for a month, though.

So, anyone wanna buy a MacBook laptop?
I’m selling it to defray the costs of a new computer somewhat.

I’ll also be getting rid of my old Dell, though that’s not even worth selling at this point.
Maybe I’ll give it to Moses if he wants it, not sure if it’s better than what he has now.

2 thoughts on “…and now I’m poor.”

  1. Why did you buy a Mac Pro?

    I’m struggling between buying a Mac Pro or a Macbook Pro.

    I want something portable, but I want the power of a desktop. That sucks.

    1. I have a MacBook, but realistically, I never actually take it anywhere. It’s a laptop that sits under my desk ALL the time.

      I considered an iMac, with the sexy built-in screen, but I wanted something with a better video card, and more internal drive space.

      Plus with the processing power of the Mac Pro, running a virtual machine for Windows should run like butter (there are some apps, like genealogy software, that I still need windows for) – VMware Fusion runs fine on my MacBook, should be excellent on Mac Pro. As VMware improves, I may even be able to do gaming on a virtual machine without having to dual-boot.

      This will replace my MacBook and my Dell.

      p.s. Apple’s current naming scheme is terrible. In conversation, whenever I mention a mac model, everyone gets confused between the MacBook, the MacBook Pro, and the Mac Pro.

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