So I filed my taxes a little late this year (ok, a lot late, but there’s no penalty for late filing if you are getting money back). I just got my return, and put half towards debt, and half towards a new projector and new ebook reader (Sony, not Amazon) – gotta get *some* goodies, right?

My projector would have arrived Friday, but UPS won’t leave packages (like FedEx usually will) and doesn’t have decent hours (like FedEx does). So I’ll go after work today and pick it up. Yay, new projector!

One thought on “TaxMan”

  1. Nice Pie

    Tev, congrats on the Pie.
    You’re a better man than I.
    My wife’s still [compainin’]
    I won’t work in the kitchin’
    Heck – I couldn’t burn toast if I tried.

    (yeah, that one.)

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