Macs In Maine

Made it to Maine ok… forgot to pick up apples to make apple pie with, so on the way, I called Judy and she picked some up.

Gave Judy her early Christmas presents – a new iMac and iPod Nano. I figured since she could make use of them now, better to give them now instead of waiting a month.

I hooked the old iMac to the new one with an ethernet cable and sat for a while transferring files and eating Judy’s homemade beef stew, my favorite, yum!

The iPod nano is really sharp… I think it has the same resolution screen as the full-size iPod, I synched her photos to it and they look great on that small screen.

Now “I’m So Tired” is playing on iTunes, and I’m feeling pretty tired myself. It’s a long drive to Maine.

Gotta get up reasonably early tomorrow to make the apple pie… I’ve never made apple pie from scratch before, should be interesting. =)