Gettink ready for ze Deutschland

My trip suddenly looms, I leave next Wednesday, less than a week away!

Things to do:
[X] Get plane tickets
[X] Get passport
[ ] Plan Itinerary
[X] Buy German -> US power adaptor
[ ] Buy extra memory card for camera
[ ] Research cellphone use in Germany
[ ] Pack clothes
[ ] Pack gadgets

I plan to travel moderately light, so for gadgets, I’m thinking
* eBook reader
* Nintendo DS
* Camera
* Laptop
* Cellphone

So much to do! Guess I’d better get organized for a change.

4 thoughts on “Gettink ready for ze Deutschland”

    1. Oh, totally. I already have a plan involving an oversized cello case, which will have to be in the seat next to me. You might need to hold your breath for awhile, though…

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