3 thoughts on “switching out switches”

  1. Parallel-ism

    So I’m using parallels, and it works fine – justa little slow coming out of sleep-ing the virtual machine…well, and some network issues, and some other fun stuff, like it not having a serial port to hook up to when I plugged in my phone (don’t ask). So hurry up and do some fun stuff! I wanna know if I made a bad decision…

  2. I like rocker switches. the only problem is that i play with them a lot when i see em. don’t be surprised if you see your bathroom light being turned off and on and off and on and off and on….:P

    when i was little, we had those push-button switches. those were wicked fun to play with too. although they sometimes pinched your fingers.

    yes, i’m weird 🙂

  3. I just recently put an illuminated switch in my upstairs bathroom because the switch is hard to find in the dark. I have never been more excited to pee at night.

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