healthy breakfast

My breakfast this morning:

Quick nutritional estimates shown: [Calories/grams of fat/grams of fiber]

16oz with 2% milk and sugar [60/0.6/0]
Mixed fruit
4 strawberries [15/0.1/1]
2 peach wedges [20/0/0.8]
5 grapes [17/0/0.2]
6oz stonyfield farm lowfat vanilla [140/1.5/2]

I cut up the fruit in a bowl and then poured the yogurt over it.

Total Estimated Calories/Fat/Fiber:

Pretty healthy, and very yummy, to boot.

One thought on “healthy breakfast”

  1. Today I had what I always have for breakfast: 2 slices of whole wheat toast with peanut butter, a banana and coffee with milk and sugar. It’s horribly boring, but it’s the only thing that keeps my blood sugar good through the morning. Probably due to all the fat in the peanut butter 😛

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